• Title: The Other Guardian Series
  • Pairing: Sam/Cas
  • Other Pairings: none
  • Rating: PG
  • Length: 323,550 words
  • Warnings: case fic
  • Summary: Castiel had expected to be able to feel it—had expected Sam’s hand to be warm with hellfire, with a taint two decades old. But it was cool to the touch, just a human hand.

I honestly love this series and have actually reread twice now

„And Sam is working with Castiel, actually apart at first. Castiel is not in good shape and would rather not be a burden in Sam’s search for Dean so he’s taking one for the team lying low. It will cause him to go on a journey of his own which will be very personal and have far-reaching impact for the year.
Can we talk about this? Like, Castiel is in such a bad shape and he clearly needs help, but he doesn’t reach out because he doesn’t want to burden Sam. He doesn’t want to interfere with Sam’s search for Dean. He doesn’t want to take priority over Dean. Yet he still feels the need to help, he can’t not help. He just loves the Winchesters so much that he’s willing to give them all, but not accept anything in return. (via castieltheflyingassbutt)


Castiel wishes he could take it back.

He wishes that he could have met him in a different way, with a different understanding, with a completely neutral opinion. It was unfair, and it ruined everything.

Every hunt, every death, every fight with his brother, every ounce of guilt weighing…



(Please read until the end. Thank you! :D <3)

In the Supernatural fandom, something called a ‘ship war’ has been going on since about season 4 when an angel by the name of Castiel was introduced. People were captivated by his awkwardness, and demanded that he be a reoccurring character in the…

I don’t care if I already reblogged this because this is just beautiful.